Visit Vire├Á during the Flower Trials

At the same time as the FlowerTrials®  you are very welcome to visit the Retail Fair at our neighbour Vireõ, Hoofdweg 13.

Vireõ acts as the umbrella company to a number of growers. These growers have joined forces on buying, selling, concept development and order management. This Retail fair provides 40 participating growers with an opportunity to present their products for the coming season.

For more information feel free to visit their website.

Herbs (NEW)

Our range of vegetative propagation products has been expanded by a nice mix of herbs. Various species such as Thyme , Rosemary, Mentha, grown under the African sun and suitable for various pot sizes, are available immediately.

Helianthus Sunsation®

Our Helianthus Sunsation® series consists of successful pollen-free pot sunflowers featuring a compact habit. Other advantages of the Sunsation® varieties are their long-lasting green leaves and their production rate which is more rapid than the standard commercially available varieties. The Helianthus Sunsation® series is available in 3 beautiful colours: Yellow, Flame and Lemon. In 2015, Sunsation® Yellow and Sunsation® Lemon won the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit in the United Kingdom. This award is given only to products that perform exceptionally all season long: another confirmation of the excellent quality demonstrated by the Sunsation® series.

Coleus Fotini

The Coleus Fotini series is comprised of beautiful new foliage plants propagated from cuttings and featuring very attractive colours. Leaf size (ranging from small to very large) depends on the cultivation method. Read more to find out in which colours this series is available.

Creating more... With Evanthia!

Since 2013 Evanthia is a strong brand with a clear focus on breeding, propagation, seed production of ornamentals for growers of cut flowers, pot and bedding plants and tropical plants. We would like to introduce you to our latest product range. This product range is the result of years of collaboration between our specialists in seed production, breeding and propagation. They are constantly working on new varieties in our range of seeds and young plants. Read more about our complete product range.

And the winner is Evanthia!

Our Sunsation® Lemon and Sunsation® Yellow and are both  prices winners! Our sunflowers were nominated by the RHS in the United Kingdom for the AGM Award. Out of the 130 varieties twelve winners were chosen. We are very proud to announce that our Sunsation® Yellow and Sunsation® Lemon are two of the twelve winners! These awards confirmed what we already knew for a long time; Evanthia’s products are of exceptional quality. Popular among growers and consumers. Please read more about the details.

We proudly present

Most of the variaties in our assortment originates from our own breeding activities. We are constantly developing new varieties in novel shapes and colours and improved cultural requirements that conform with the current market requirements, being in summer flowers, pot or bedding plants. 2016 will be the year in which all kinds of interesting developments will take place. We plan to introduce several new Brassica varieties and several new series of cut flower Matthiola which we would like to present to you as soon as possible. Here, we give you a preview, unveiling the new varieties which we plan to launch in 2016.

Meet us at IPM Essen

This year Evanthia is present at the IPM show in Essen. In our stand, we will show you a selection of our ornamental assortment and a number of new varieties. There is also a special focus on the AGM Award winners, Sunsation®  Yellow and Sunsation® Lemon. Read here where you can find us at the fair.

Seed Technology: Optimal seeds with a extremely fast germination time

Important in our Seed Technology department is seed cleaning and pelleting. Seeds with various contaminants can be fine cleaned and graded. Besides the standard cleaning, we also conduct regular research into the possibilities to upgrade the seed lots. With the diversity of our machines, there are few lots that we cannot handle. Learn more about our seed cleaning and distinctive pellets.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winners

A Gold Medal signifies a breakthrough in breeding. This award is only given to varieties that truly excel in innovation, beauty, use and overall performance in the Fleuroselect trials.

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