Big Ben series

Campanula medium F1

Best assets of this striking new cut flower are the short cultivation period of 10 to 13 weeks after planting and the possibility of almost year round production, essential for large-scale supply to the market. Big Ben is rapidly becoming very popular. 

Further Big Ben benefits are the tall stems of 60-70 cm topped with attractive, upward-facing-bell-shaped flowers, uniform in growth, easily harvested high-yielding as well as very long vase life.

The Big Ben series withstands many different climatic conditions, althought extreme cold and hot weather must be avoided. In the young plant stage 8-hour short day conditions are required in order to secure sufficient stem length. When planted (6 to 8 weeks after sowing), the plants need 16-hour long days or supplemental lighting. Big Ben is suitable for both field and (unheated) greenhouse production and is harvested over a longer period.

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Beschikbare varianten

Big Ben Deep Blue

Big Ben Lavender

Big Ben Pink

Big Ben White