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The cold is in the air again - time for Brassica Empire

Evanthia’s Brassica Empire series is the latest generation of ornamental cabbages, which has made a name for itself at quite a rapid pace. At present Brassica Empire is valued in the chain and there is even an active demand for Empire from florists. Read more

Participation in IPM 2021 cancelled

Joint floriculture decision regarding IPM 2021 participation

19 companies reached a joint decision in regard to their participation at the coming IPM in January 2021, and co-signed the following statement: “In light of the recent developments concerning COVID-19, the ongoing risk for our customers and employees and the responsibility that we see as our duty to help stop the spread of the virus, we have decided not to take part in IPM 2021.”

The breeders and production or distribution companies that signed this statement are:

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Louis Kester will be appointed as Commercial Director at Evanthia

Evanthia is strengthening its organisation with the appointment of Louis Kester as Commercial Director as of 1 November 2020.

Over the past few years, Louis has completed a number of projects at Evanthia via Florpartners and has supported the management team in its strategic planning and roll-out. This has been such a positive experience on both sides, that Louis will take on full-time employment with Evanthia. Read more

Javado 'Sunsation® Flame now also in Multiflower'

Sunsation® Flame now also in Multiflower

This spring is the sunniest in recent years. Literally. Partly due to the corona crisis, many have literally taken the sun into their homes and gardens. The Sunsation pot sunflowers have proven their 'sunny' image. And the summer has yet to formally begin.

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Horticultural sector and Ali B treat lonely elderly people to fabulous flowers

In an initiative by the Dutch horticultural sector and Dutch rapper Ali B, around 150,000 elderly people in care homes and who live alone and receive homecare in The Netherlands are being surprised today - Good Friday - with a colourful bouquet.

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Official Coronavirus statement

Dear Customer,
Being a reliable partner for our relations is extremely valuable for Evanthia. You have appreciated our reliability for years and now that the Corona virus is spreading worldwide, it is more important than ever.

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FlowerTrials® 2020 cancelled

Where plants meet people

FlowerTrials® 2020 | Update June 2020

FlowerTrials 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled, but our participating companies are happy to share information on their Novelties.

We invite you to take a look to our pot and bedding plant introductions for the upcoming season online. 

Check out our video  or take a view on  our  FlowerTrials® individual  page  where you can find more details. 

See you next year, when we look forward to welcoming you to FlowerTrials 2021 from 15 to 18 June.

Visit Horticontact 2020

The pride of Dutch horticulture

Get inspired at the HortiContact 2020!
For years, the Netherlands has been known as a leader in the international horticultural sector. HortiContact Gorinchem is proud to call itself the largest professional Dutch horticultural collection point. 

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Evanthia Acquires Enviro

Evanthia Acquires Enviro

Evanthia BV, in Monster, has acquired the breeding company Enviro BV, from Rijnsburg per January 1st, 2020.

Enviro is active in the breeding of Antirrhinum, Celosia, Dianthus, Tanacetum and Trachelium.

This acquisition considerably strengthens Evanthia’s position as breeder of cut flowers from seed. Our focus is on creating distinctive products that give professional growers a unique position in the market. Evanthia’s current breeding assortment includes Antirrhinum, Brassica, Campanula, Celosia, Dianthus, Lisianthus, Matthiola (stock), Tagetes, Tanacetum,Trachelium, Helianthus and Platycodon.

Nico Grootendorst, CEO of Evanthia, is delighted with the acquisition of the Enviro genetic programme. ‘This takeover offers us both synergy in the current breeding programmes and challenging new opportunities for the future. Our Evanthia mission statement is: We translate opportunities into new products’.

Jan & George van Klink from Enviro are equally enthusiastic. ‘This takeover means that Enviro’s quality genetics, representing many years of research and development, will be carried forward in the ornamentals industry. In the coming period we will support Evanthia with the transition and remain closely connected.

For questions in relation to this release please contact Ron de Lange, Operational Director

(From  left to right on the photo Jan Klink, George Klink, Nico Grootendorst en Ron de Lange)

IPM Essen 2020

Inspiration, new products and knowledge

Inspiration, new products and knowledge

Evanthia Seeds & Plants kindly invites you to visit us at the IPM Essen in Germany. Our enthusiastic team is ready to show you a selection of our wide product range and inform you about the new developments. Read more >

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