Brassica Empire caught the eye of visitors Proflora Colombia

Friday 27 October 2017

Publication date: 10/27/2017
Author: Elita Vellekoop

Nico Grootendorst, Dutch breeding company Evanthia:

Brassicas in Bogota: "Great area for bright colors"

Brassicas, brassicas and more brassicas. At Colombian farm Netalya, over 500,000 cut flower brassicas are grown on an altitude of 2,950 meters above sea level in Bogota. "Because of the cold nights, the circumstances in this area are great to let these brassicas receive their bright color", says Nico Grootendorst of Dutch breeding company Evanthia. According to him, Netalya has become a real brassica specialist over the last years. Earlier this month, he was at the farm, and with the video below he gives an impression of how the Evanthia brassicas are grown. 

Impression of the farm of how the Evanthia brassicas are grown at Natalya, YouTube>

Caught the eye of visitors at Proflora

At the Proflora, mid October in Colombia, Evanthia was more than pleased to see how one of its brokers, Guaqetta Trading, presented Evanthia Ornamental Cabbage Empire series in a superb way. "Cut brassicas for mixed and straight bouquets caught the eye of many visitors. The flower's diversity of appearances and colors made this flower stand out."

Nico Grootendorst of Evanthia and Juan Alejandro Guaqueta Trading. On the picture the brassicas from Eviantha in the Guaqueta booth. 

Evanthia Empire series 
The brassicas that were on display at the Proflora are part of Evanthia's Empire series, which consists of 12 varieties. The leaves of the brassica in this series are hard and strong and stand out by their round or pointed leaves. Normally due to its 'smell' with many consumers Classic Ornamental Brassica has a short vase life. According to Grootendorst, the Empire Series of Evanthia stands out due to the lack of that negative experience. "Scientific research at the Research Centre at Royal FloraHolland has resulted that the bacteria life on a stem of the Empire Series in comparison to the classic Ornamental Cabbage is 90% less. This thanks to an extensive Evanthia breeding program. The vase life of the Empire series is scientifically proven to be much longer. At the Proflora Exhibition, the Empire series had a warm welcome. Lots of visitors enjoyed it."  

Click  here   for the entire Evanthia Empire series. 

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