Evanthia Acquires Enviro

Monday 13 January 2020

Evanthia Acquires Enviro

Evanthia BV, in Monster, has acquired the breeding company Enviro BV, from Rijnsburg per January 1st, 2020.

Enviro is active in the breeding of Antirrhinum, Celosia, Dianthus, Tanacetum and Trachelium.

This acquisition considerably strengthens Evanthia’s position as breeder of cut flowers from seed. Our focus is on creating distinctive products that give professional growers a unique position in the market. Evanthia’s current breeding assortment includes Antirrhinum, Brassica, Campanula, Celosia, Dianthus, Lisianthus, Matthiola (stock), Tagetes, Tanacetum,Trachelium, Helianthus and Platycodon.

Nico Grootendorst, CEO of Evanthia, is delighted with the acquisition of the Enviro genetic programme. ‘This takeover offers us both synergy in the current breeding programmes and challenging new opportunities for the future. Our Evanthia mission statement is: We translate opportunities into new products’.

Jan & George van Klink from Enviro are equally enthusiastic. ‘This takeover means that Enviro’s quality genetics, representing many years of research and development, will be carried forward in the ornamentals industry. In the coming period we will support Evanthia with the transition and remain closely connected.

For questions in relation to this release please contact Ron de Lange, Operational Director 

(From  left to right on the photo Jan Klink, George Klink, Nico Grootendorst en Ron de Lange)

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