Floral Agenda - July month of the sunflower

Monday 31 July 2017


Get the ultimate summer feeling with the sunniest queen of the flowers! If you would have the change to crown one flower to queen of summer flower? Then you definitely choose the majestic sunflower! On the consumer website  Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl  was July 2017 the month of the sunflower. 

Did you know that in nature, the flower flows with the sun during the day? At night, the flower bud returns to the east, waiting for its beloved sun. This Phenomenon is called Heliotropism.

Colors and shapes

The sunflower is known mainly as yellow beauty, but there are also orange, brown, cream and dark red versions. Also in terms of shape there is plenty of variety: there are sunflowers with large or small flowers, with a single row of petals or with multiple wreaths. Whichever appearance you choose, the sunflower guarantees the ultimate summer feeling.


The sunflower often symbolizes sun and love. In Greek mythology, nymph Clytia falls in love with Apollo, God of the sun. Although Clytia is very beautiful, Apollo does not answer her love. The result: Clytia dies of misery, changes into a sunflower and so continually turns around with the sun to see her God of the sun. So this happy flower has a very romantic but dramatic love story ...


The sunflower originates from North and South America where Indians ate the seeds of the flower together with beans, corn and pumpkins. Today, humans and animals still eat sunflower seeds. Did you know that the official name of the sunflower is Helianthus? A merge of the Greek words helios (sun) and anthos (flower).

 Tips for care

  • Cut the stems obliquely.
  • Remove the excess leaves from the stems.
  • Place the flowers in a clean, preferably glass vase and fill the vase with tap water at room temperature.
  • Add a little cut flower nutrients (Chrysal).
  • Please take care that there is enough water in the vase, as sunflowers are thirsty.
  • Put the vase in a cool place, NOT directly next to the fruit bowl and NOT in the full sun.
  • Consider the weight of the sunflowers, therefore choose a solid vase.

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