New Assortment is Highlight of Tropical open house!

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Press release

Producer of tropical plants is proud of rapid growth


The Tropical Plants and Cuttings department from Evanthia is hosting  an open house from Tuesday to Friday, June 13 - 16, at Oranjesluisweg 32 in ’s Gravenzande. A year ago, this became the nursery site for tropical plants. “We have achieved amazing growth in that short period,” said Pieter Lock, Tropical Plants and Cuttings Manager. “We are proud of that result, and we want to share that good feeling with our business relations and other interested parties.”

During the open days, the focus will lie on the new assortment of tropical plants from Evanthia. Pieter Lock added, “Everybody knows our familiar varieties like Monstera, Fatsia or Asparagus. But this year we want to draw attention to the enormous diversity of our other varieties. We feel it is important for our buyers to realise the possibilities offered by our assortment of green plants. People often have to see something with their own eyes before they will believe it.”

Pieter Lock emphasised during a brief tour of the facilities that the world of tropical plants literally has no boundaries. “Our buyers come from China, France, South America, all over; the global export of tropical plants is normal these days. And everywhere in the world people experience tropical plants a bit differently, and other varieties are popular. One of our aims during the open days is to show new business relations as well as our existing customers how we deal with trends at Evanthia. I know that it will definitely be an exciting peek behind the scenes!”

Evanthia Open Days: Tuesday to Friday, June 13 - 16, from 09:00 to 16:00. Address: Oranjesluisweg 32, 2691 MS ‘s Gravenzande

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