The company

Evanthia, creating more....

Knowledge, passion and inspiration for the beginning for you breeding!

Many years of experience in breeding and propagation

The evolution of Evanthia started in 1993, when Nico Grootendorst started Combifleur. Under this name, the company focused on the sale of seeds and young plants. Cut flowers from seed were the specialisation of Combifleur, an area in which Nico already had many years of experience. Just three years later, in 1996, breeding activities were added to the seed trading.

A company that takes its responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility is not something we do at Evanthia since CSR is the way we operate! On the contrary, we consider it only natural to follow good business practices. We feel strongly in this respect over several fronts. For example, as a company with its own breeding activities, we can reduce the pressure of pests and diseases in crops. That leads to a decrease in the use of environmentally harmful plant protection products.

Interested in working at an exciting and thriving business?

Evanthia is a thriving business: not just because flowers represent a large part of our range, but also because we experience a healthy development. As an independent breeder, producer and seed dealer, we vigilantly monitor on the market. That, we translate in a market-oriented assortment, aimed at growers in the Netherlands and other West European countries. By our growth, we are always looking for new employees. Employees who fit into the philosophy of our company: we are a reliable supplier to our customers that is considered flexible and responsive to their diverse requirements, targeting ultimate perfection.