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Bellis perennis

Speedstar® Plus

Bellis perennis


“Mars” is a good series that flowers without verbalization and thus is excellent for both fall and early spring markets. Its plants are compact, which means more plants can be cultivated per m⊃2;. Semi double flowers with a yellow centre. Flower size: approx. 3 cm. Height: 12 cm.

The “Speedstar” series can be produced without verbalization for both fall and spring sales windows. This versatility, along with a compact plant habit and leaf size makes “Speedstar” a wonderful companion to pansies for fall and spring production. The “Speedstar” series has semi double flowers with a yellow centre. Height: 12 to 14 cm.

The “Tasso” series is a large flowered pomponette series with double flowers measuring 4 cm. Uniform plant habit and flowering of the mutual colours. Height: 12 cm.

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