Sunsation ® F1

Helianthus annuus dwarf F1

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rhs award of garden merit

The product name Sunsation is nog permitted for use in the USA. 
The trademark for USA is Solsation

We  are very proud to announce that two of our Sunsation pot sunflower colours won an AGM award in the UK RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) competition 2015. This Award of Garden Merit is only given to varieties of proven garden-worthiness. Sunsation is a large flowered, pollen freeF1 hybrid with black center, multiple flower buds in the top and dark, green, glossy foliage. 

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Available variants

Sunsation® Flame F1

Sunsation® Lemon F1

Sunsation® Yellow F1

Sunsation® Yellow Spirit F1

The compact plants are grown in 12 cm pots. Because of its compact habit, Sunsation needs only little growth regulators, which is of benefit to the environment. Moreover, the cultivation time is only 10-11 weeks, being much shorter when compared to other series. Depending on the culture, the height of the plants is 35-45 cm. The plants have good keeping qualities and show an excellent garden performance. In the Netherlands, Sunsation is a market leader for pot Helianhus. 15 growers op pot Sunflowers have joined forces; together they take care of a steady supply of Sunsation to the market. Quality monitoring and marketing are effected in close co-operation with Evanthia. An idea for you and your grower group? Read more about the Sunsation partnership on

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