Anemone coronaria

Mistral F1

Anemone coronaria

Mistral Plus F1

Anemone coronaria

Mona Lisa F1

Anemone belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and originates from the Mediterranean sea area and Western of Asia. In the past Anemone was grown out of tubers, but after the introduction of hybrid varieties from seed the popularity of Anemone increased rapidly.

Anemone can be grown using less energy and the necessary labor can be spread equally over one year. The period of planting is July and the harvest starts in Spetember. Up to and including December, one third of the total number of stems is harvestd.

Mona Lisa series: good quality series with a good production, up to an average of 18 stems per plant per year.

Marianne series: A series with good quality stems and strong flowers. Because of its strong flowers, the Marianne series is less Bothrytis sensitive.

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