Antirrhinum, or Snapdragon, is one of the most important summer cut flowers from seed world wide. It requires a cool growing temperature, and can be cultivated year-round or as an in-between crop. From planting to flowering the culture takes 10 to 24 weeks, depending on the cultivation method. The market share of Snapdragons could easily be improved by increasing the year-round supply to the flower trade or auction.

For Antirrhinum bred in the United States, a classification of the different series into groups was introduced, based on American climate zones. These groups represent the best cultivation period in the year. Translated into Northern European conditions, follow this classification as stated below. Group IV is suitable for both in- and outdoor planting.

Group I winter planting NL week 44-52  
Group I-II autumn spring planting   NL week 32-36
Group II early spring  planting NL week 48-9
Group III spring planting NL week 8-33
Group IV summer planting NL week 15-30


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Antirrhinum majus F1

Animation series F1 I-II

Antirrhinum majus F1

Cool series F1 I-II

Antirrhinum majus F1

Costa series F1 I-II

Antirrhinum majus F1

Costa Summer series F1 III-IV

Antirrhinum majus F1

Maryland series F1 I-II

Antirrhinum majus F1

Monaco series F1 II-III

Antirrhinum majus F1

Opus series F1 III/IV

Antirrhinum majus F1

Potomac series F1 III-IV

Antirrhinum majus F1

Rocket series F1 III/IV

Animation series I-II

Animation is a renowned series for year round cut flower production. It is specially suited for cool greenhouse production, early in the season. The series has been developed under continental climatic conditions and is a very reliable crop.

Anitmation has long, well-built flower spikes on strong stems with only limited side-branching. The series is very uniform, 80-100 cm high and the different colours in the series have a very uniform flowering time. Like the Costa series, Animation is an excellent in-between cut flower crop as well.

Costa I-II

The classification system as mentioned earlier is not quite applicable for our Costa-series. Costa is versatile; it fits into various planting periods. It produces a solid, well-formed flower spike on a sturdy stem, even when light conditions are less favorable. This range has been bred under Dutch climatic conditions. It is a uniform, undemanding and reliable culture.

Costa Summer III-IV

Costa Summer has the same characteristics as the Costa series, but is intended for spring and summer planting, both in the greenhouse and outdoors.

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