Extra largeflowered highly fragant Freesia Royal Crown is available in bright colours. Rows of funnel-shaped flowers are borne on long, strong stems of approx. 45 cm. Suited both for cut flower production and ornamental plantings in large pots and flower beds. 

In the second season from seed the flower stems will have sufficient length. In the first season flowering will be moderate and stems will be rather short. In colder climates Freesia is grown as indoor plants in containers or as temporary outdoor garden plants. If a mobile greenhouse is available, or if trays and pots are used, the culture of Freesia from seeds very often fits in with the crop planning.

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Freesia hybrida

Royal Crown

Supply in seeds, hence virusfree, which is a big advantage over vegetatively propagated material. Freesia is a half-hardy bulbous perennial that thrives in warm temperatures.

12486665     Freesia     hybride     Royal Crown blue F1
12486622 Freesia hybride Royal Crown formula mix    
12486666 Freesia hybride Royal Crown red F1
12486667 Freesia hybride Royal Crown rose F1
12486668 Freesia hybride Royal Crown white F1
12486669 Freesia hybride Royal Crown yellow F1