Matthiola (Stock) is a cool weather cut flower with highly scented flower spikes in attractive colours on non-branched sturdy stems. Evanthia's breeding of Matthiola is focussed on high quality strains suitable for both early and late plantings, thus extending supply to the florist market.

The Centum and Jordyn series are both perfect for production in the cooler (Dutch and West European) climate. They will do equally well in other cool regions in the world.

* The Jordan series is bred for early to mid season plantings

* Centu performs best in winter and late seasons plantings

* The Costelja series is for summer plantings and cultivation in warm areas

* Milla series, a brand new selection for early plantings

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Matthiola incana

Anytime series

Matthiola incana

Centum series

Matthiola incana

Coselja series

Matthiola incana

Jordyn series

Matthiola incana

Katz series

Matthiola incana

Mid Cheerful series

Matthiola incana

Milla series

Matthiola incana

Noble series


For cool areas we recommend sowing to late spring at the latest (NL plant week 20-22) for harvesting mid summer (NL week 30). Too high temperatures and light intensity have a negative influence on the bud forming. For warmer regions, it is recommended sowing late summer for harvesting approx. 12 weeks later, or sowing in autumn for cutting late winter. For a long vase life the optimum cutting stage is when the first 4 to 5 flowers have opened.

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