Breeding as the basis of success

A large part of the commercial assortment of Evanthia, originates from her own breeding activities. Both in summer cutflowers as well as in pot and bedding plants, we develop varieties that meet the current market requirements, taking into consideration not only the needs of growers, but also those of the consumer. As a relatively small company, we have the advantage that we can react with flexibility to market demands. And as an experienced breeder, we also have all the expertise in a range of crops focusing in the following:

  • Own breeding programmes focusing on new colours, longer shelf life and more uniformity.
  • Professional breeding facilities of an area of 4,500 square meters.
  • Greenhouse equipped with insect netting to prevent undesirable crossings.
  • Optimised growing conditions with the latest techniques in climate control.
  • New varieties are first tested in internal trials, so that we gain knowledge and experience prior to introduction.

Share in the success of Evanthia

In recent years, a large number of varieties of Evanthia reached high commercial ranking in the assortment. There is the best  proof of the success of the in-house breeding.

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