Modern techniques for maximum germination

Evanthia trades not only in a wide range of varieties from seed, we also have a technology for seed enhancement. Being fine cleaning, pelletizing or coating: we work with reliable techniques which contribute to the same goal! Achieving the maximum germination rate. Technique is not everything! Business knowledge is important too. In the near future, Evanthia plans to expand her in-house seed technology, so that you the customer may benefit even more effectively from higher seed quality.

We guarantee a quick start of the cultivation

  • Much knowledge about the seed set, about the optimal conditions required during that process, about the health of the mother crop and the best environmental conditions for seed.
  • Seed crops usually produced by ourselves, so first-hand experience on the harvest.
  • Latest pelletizing techniques for optimal germination rates to the crop.
  • Seed coating with plant protection products ensure that the seedlings are clean from fungal infections, during the critical first weeks of growth.

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