Coselja series

Matthiola incana

Coselja is a cross-breeding between a European and a Japanese Stock type. The foliage is darker green and more elliptic and the flowers a bit larger. The stems are tallet, up to 75-80 cm. Depending on the culture Coselja is 2 to 3 weeks later to flower when comparred to the other Matthiola series described.

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Beschikbare varianten

Coselja Salmon 15540870

Coselja Yellow 15540892

Coselja Carmine 15540810

Coselja Deep Rose 15540814

Coselja Lavender 15540846

Coselja Rose 15540868

Coselja White 15540886

Also availablei in this series (photo and more information in production)

15540858 Coselja Antique Rose