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Blushing Brassica

13 November 2023 - Monster & 's-Gravenzande, NL
Blushing Brassica

We can’t get enough of it: all those beautiful autumn colours in nature! And at this time of year, of course, also the changing colours on the dewy, misty Brassica fields at our growers. Although Brassicas are available almost all year round, autumn and winter offer a most spectacular product. Because of the low temperatures that these seasons bring, this is the time when the colours of our Brassicas change and become more intense.

See them blushing!

The colour shifts are caused by pigments present in the plants that show changes under specific conditions. In the case of Brassica, it is mainly anthocyanin that induces the familiar intense red and purple hues at low temperatures. Fantastic autumn and winter colours that combine so beautifully in festive arrangements or bold bouquets. With the Brassica Empire series and the various specialties available exclusively through Evanthia, you create a colourful assortment with a great look, Brassicas with long sturdy stems and a tougher leaf structure. In addition, Empire is less sensitive to diseases and shows a strong reduction of the typical Brassica odour.

Colouring speed

Those colour changes are wonderful and offer the chance to keep surprising your customers, but it is something to consider while composing your assortment. Not all varieties react with the same intensity or speed. To give a little more insight, we have divided our product range into colouring speed levels: Early – Medium – Late.


For example, Brassica Empire Akilina is one of the varieties that will blush first and Empire Ksenia will change colour last. Dive into our range and discover all the different appearances (round, feathered or serrated leaves) and colours.


Want to know more about our range of Brassicas? Could you use some help with assortment selection or do you have specific cultivation questions? Evanthia’s Brassica specialists are here to be of service to you.