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New varieties delivering exceptional success for everyone, from grower to consumer.

An ongoing quest

Evanthia offers high-quality starting material for professional growers. We excel in creating new varieties that can bring exceptional success for every link in the chain, from the grower to the consumer’s garden or vase. We are constantly searching for new varieties. We look at visual appeal, quality, use and benefits in cultivation and distribution. The result? Excellent original genetics that we’re proud to put our name to.

How we work

At Evanthia we get the best out of flowers and plants through effective breeding and selection in different product groups. Our breeders, account managers and technical advisers work closely with growers all over the world. That’s why we know like no other what the market needs. With good facilities and a strong team of experts, we develop unique varieties that can really make you stand out.

We proudly present

Celosia Act

Our Celosia Act is taking the world by storm with its exceptional flower shape and short crop time. The flat, triangular flower combs are borne on strong stems. Celosia Act is available in a wide range of exotic colours with highly uniform plant development and an outstanding vase life.

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Brassica Empire

You’ll be amazed at the great diversity of our Brassica range. Our Brassica Empire is the next generation in ornamental cabbages. All our varieties feature a stylish appearance, outstanding vase life and high disease tolerance.

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Helianthus Sunsation®

Discover the flower power of Sunsation®! This compact, colourful F1 pot sunflower series has a crop time of just 10-11 weeks. It produces a succession of large, pollen-free flowers, providing months of sunny colour in the house, on the patio or in the garden. Pinch out the growing tip for a nicely branched plant bearing multiple blooms at the same time.

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Coming soon...

Our breeders positively glow with pride as they walk through their greenhouses because they know what’s in the Antirrhinum and Campanula pipeline, for example. They will be showing you the results of all their hard work very soon - and they can’t wait! Why not drop by one of our experimental trials and see for yourself?

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We focus all our efforts on creating a product range in which you will only find the very best varieties. With extensive testing and seed optimisation, our team ensures top quality at all times. We test seed and young plant material in a variety of realistic growing conditions and carry out germination tests and experimental trials. And if things don’t quite work out as expected once you have the plants in the ground, our team is on hand to help you with technical advice and support.

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