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Evanthia On Tour: 5 day trip

14 June 2021 - Several locations in the Netherlands
Evanthia On Tour: 5 day trip

Welcome on board! We are happy that you are joining us on Evanthia On Tour. From 14 to 18 June we take you on a journey. Each day around noon you can expect bite-size videos, easy to fit into your schedule or break. We show you awesome products on great locations and inform you about the latest developments within Evanthia.

Day 1: Sunsation® Sunflowers

On the first day of Evanthia On Tour, we start off with a BANG! Sensational sunflowers, brought to you by Anne Marie, Market Manager for Sunsation®. She will tell you all about this versatile potted sunflowers, the brand, and what it means to work together within a cooperation of breeder & growers. So take out your sunglasses and get inspired by all the opportunities with this special Helianthus series.

Day 1: Sunsation® Sunflowers

Single flower, Multi flower, dazzling pot size ranges and all that colour! For more details about the Sunsation® Sunflower Association and its growers we refer you to the Sunsation® Sunflower website. To go more into detail about the products within the Sunsation® series and all services Evanthia has to offer, just browse through our website.

Day 2: Lavandula Cleo-Patio®

From yesterday’s super sunny sights to a more cloudy and rainy situation. But, with today’s destination, it almost feels like you’re in the Provence… Marvin will cover Lavender! He tells you all about the Lavandula Cleo-Patio®, with all its benefits. And, hardened off in these harsh Dutch weather conditions, Cleo-Patio® is for sure super robust and long-lasting.

Day 2: Lavandula Cleo Patio®

Of course, you are now missing out on the lovely scent of Cleo-Patio®. We are always open to meet you in person and go more into detail about this pretty perennial. For a full product description and rich flowering shots of Lavandula Cleo Patio®, check out this product on our website.

Day 3: Tropical seeds

Today, Jeroen hands you a ticket to the tropics and guides you through a wilderness of massive plants. It’s a jungle out there! The market for green plants is developing rapidly. We have a strong global network of plant collectors. They venture out into what are often inaccessible areas and remote corners in their quest to find the best seeds. We work with different production locations all over the world and manage all processes for producing the best seeds and young plants.

Day 3: Tropical Seeds

Want to know more about these tropical stunners? Check out the full product range from seed and find out how Evanthia can assist you with composing a great product range for your business and tailored cultivation advice.

Day 4: Tropical Plants

We remain in the jungle for just another day, since there is so much to discover! Carl shows you the highlights of our tropical assortment from tissue culture. He explains you why Evanthia is the one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to start a business in tropical plants. At Evanthia, you’re not just buying seeds or young plants from tissue culture or seed. You’ll also benefit from a good dose of expertise and experience.

Day 4: Tropical plants

Interested in our tropical eye catchers from tissue culture? Check out the full TC product range and find out how Evanthia can assist you with composing a great assortment for your business and tailored cultivation advice.

Day 5: Cut flowers

Today, Peter and Leo take you to a special location with explosive colours to talk Cut flowers. At Evanthia you’ll find the best varieties from our own breeding along with a selection of top series from breeders all over the world. We offer everything you need to get off to a good start and to help you grow a crop that’s perfect for your unique business – whether you’re looking for a year-round programme or strong seasonal sellers.

Day 5: Cut flowers

Celosia, Snapdragons, Lisianthus, Matthiola, Campanula… Too much to fit into a few minutes! Just cruise over to our corporate website for a complete and comprehensive overview of the Evanthia Cut flower assortment. Find all you need, from detailed product descriptions to contact data and handy downloads.


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