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Evanthia's Celosias show great results in ASCFG Field Trials

25 April 2024 - Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA
Source: The Cut Flower Quarterly publication of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) - Spring edition 2024
Evanthia's Celosias show great results in ASCFG Field Trials

Last season, a large field trial, conducted by Roots Cut Flower Farm in Pennsylvania, compared 34 varieties of crested Celosia, (Celosia cristata var. argentea), among which 20 varieties of Evanthia’s broad Celosia assortment. This research was partially funded through the ASCFG Grower Grant Program. It shows a highly interesting evaluation of new crested Celosia varieties for field production and profitability.


As a member of ASCFG, Evanthia was pleased such a vast amount of varieties were included in this trial. We would like to highlight some of the results and conclusions.

Celosia Field Trials

Roots Cut Flower Farm planted two successions of Celosia young plants, the first on June 1 (seeded in week 16) and the second on June 27 (seeded in week 23). Pinching, strongly depending on the variety, can greatly increase yields or may cause apical dominance and branching inhibition. To take this into account, within each succession 50% of each variety was pinched to three sets of leaves when the plants were about 15 cm tall. In addition, vigour, disease susceptibility, colour, length of stems, and other traits were carefully tracked and recorded.

Celosia Field Trials

The Winners

Based on field productivity, overall vigour, costs, and customer appreciation for vibrant color, the following varieties performed best:


Coral Diamond: “This brilliant pink color is similar to Chief Rose with increased vigor, resistance to leaf spot, productivity, and uniformity.”
Captain: “The whole series performed very well. The reds were less productive than Chief Fire, but the oranges were more productive than Chief Persimmon.”
Chief: A very reliable old variety. We found that unpinched Chief Persimmon was much stronger than pinched, but pinched Chief Fire was very strong and productive.
Orange Queen Improved: Similar vigor and form to Captain, with red streaks on the heads. A strong performer.
Smashing Red: A fast, single-stemmed bright clear red.
Cristi Purple: Exceedingly fast. The deep-purple burgundy color would be ideal for fall and could be planted very late in the season and still
produce marketable stems.
Clubs Cocktail: A good solution for pink/peach shades, variable soft hues. Note: far less vigorous later in the season. Should be planted early.

More information

The Cut Flower Quarterly of ASCFG is a periodical, members-only magazine dedicated to informing growers about the production, post harvest care, and marketing of cut flowers and home to the highly-anticipated ASCFG National Trials results, including seed and perennial plant trials. Regular content covers integrated pest management, research updates, business management, and reports from growers across the country.


For more information about the Celosia field trials, to become a member of the ASCFG, and check out the Spring Issue of The Cut Flower Quarterly of ASCFG in full, please contact the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers by membership@ascfg.org or go to website – www.ascfg.org for more information.


To discuss the broad Evanthia Celosia assortment in depth, please contact our team