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Hit the houseplant charts with Pilea

Order Pilea young plants today
20 November 2022 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

What a way to start a new season with fresh Pilea young plants from Evanthia! The stunning Pilea is, depending on the variety, also known as the Chinese Money plant or Friendship plant – a bringer of luck, good fortune and abundance to its owner.


Evanthia supplies the best quality Pilea young plug plants from our nursery in ‘s-Gravenzande, the Netherlands. Various Pilea varieties are now ready to order and for you to grow into these marvellous and highly popular tropical houseplants.

It's all about the leaves

Pilea is widely appreciated for its extraordinary leaf shapes, textures and colours. It has for sure the interest of the new generation plant buyers and tropical enthusiasts, which results in a fixed high ranking on top houseplant charts. Pilea Moon Valley, with its quirky textured leaves is a great option to combine with the remarkable, variegated Pilea Silver Tree. These two stunners in a mixed tray is just a dream come true for houseplant lovers. Pilea Moon Valley, Silver Tree and Pilea peperomioides…. at Evanthia you can always count on a fascinating range of varieties. Order today and start growing Pilea!


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