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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Sunsation® Compact at FlowerTrials

16 May 2024 - De Lier (the Netherlands)
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Sunsation<sup>®</sup> Compact at FlowerTrials

As a breeder and participant of FlowerTrials® 2024, Evanthia will present many novelties, creative concepts and an incredibly wide product range in week 24 (11 to 14 June). From cultivation information to retail inspiration, and from pioneering steps in breeding to the latest trends, there is a reason for everyone who works with and loves plants and flowers to visit Evanthia during FlowerTrials®. Today we shine the light on a truly great development: Sunsation® Compact. The new line within Evanthia’s successful potted sunflower series, with which we are actually taking steps in the right direction, together with growers, towards a better product that can be grown in a more efficient and sustainable way.

The key: Genetic compactness

Developing new products and improving existing toppers… it keeps our breeders very busy! Sunsation® has been well known to growers and traders for years now. The new line Sunsation® Compact has all the good qualities of the familiar Sunsation®, but now has a strong genetic compactness, enabling a more balanced, stress-free cultivation. Growers can grow without PGR, dry cycles or high EC levels – the plants remain super compact by themselves. In addition, cultivation time is even 5 to 7 days shorter and Sunsation® Compact shows healthy, smooth, fresh-green leaves!

The key: Genetic compactness

Creating the future together

Together, we prepare for the future by actively working on product development, new cultivation methods and innovation in technology and climate control. By making conscious choices for our range of products (e.g. seasonal products, cool-to-grow crops), but also by adapting existing popular products (e.g. peat-free plugs, genetic compacts), Evanthia offers solutions that can also make a difference for the links further down the chain. Sunsation® Compact is one example of the steps we are taking in terms of sustainability and product development. Visit our location in De Lier during FlowerTrials® and talk with our team about these and many other developments, within Pot & Bedding Plants, Tropical Plants and Cut Flowers.