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Let's meet at ExpoPlantas • Colombia

20 - 22 September - Bogotá, Colombia
28 July 2023 - Plaza Jubileo Compensar - Bogotá, Colombia

As a flower exporter Colombia has been among the top countries in the world for years. Production of potted plants in Colombia is developing and growing. ExpoPlantas showcases high qualified ornamental products for both, growers and breeders, provides business-to-business networking, promotes the varieties competition, as well as a wide-ranging and relevant program of educational seminars hosted by renowned national and international experts. The trade fair will take place in the Colombian capital Bogotá, from 20 to 22 September 2023.


Dutch Pavilion

ExpoPlantas is the trade show of the Colombian Nursery Industry. The event brings together national and international supply and demand for flowers and ornamental plants. This year, the Netherlands is hosting ExpoPlantas. The trade fair participation is organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Agriculture Council of the Dutch Embassy in Bogotá in cooperation with Holland House Colombia. With an impressive country pavilion, the Netherlands occupies an important place among some 100 exhibitors.


Evanthia will be one of the exhibitors of the Dutch Pavilion, with Sonia Janssen (Sales Manager South & Central America) as representative for our cut flowers, pot & bedding plants and tropical plants.


Sonia can tell you all about Evanthia’s broad product range, featuring the best varieties from our own breeding along with a selection of top series from breeders all over the world. 



• Cut flowers: discover our Matthiola series StoX® and Milla, check out all options for Antirrhinum yearround programmes, and discuss opportunities and global experiences with our Helianthus, Campanula, Freesia, Callistephus, Tanacetum, Lisianthus, Dianthus and Brassica.

• Pot & bedding plants: Helianthus F1 Sunsation® is our rich flowering sunflower series for home and garden. The pollen-free flowers remain beautiful for a long time and pop up, one after the other. This colourful, compact series can be grown in a short time frame and, when pinched, offers a well-branching plant structure and several large flowers that bloom simultaneously, for even more sunshine.

• Tropical Plants and cut foliage: anything from Asparagus to Monstera and Strelitzia, we’ve got you covered! Looking for a specific species or variety that is not mentioned in our catalogue or website yet? This doesn’t mean we can not get our hands on them too. We have the connections and are happy to team up with you to make a planning for your unique product range.


Meet Sonia at ExpoPlantas in the Dutch Pavilion, or reach out in advance to schedule a meeting.