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New harvest: Radermachera sinica

Order your seeds and young plants now at Evanthia
6 December 2022 - Monster, the Netherlands
New harvest: Radermachera sinica

It has arrived!

The new harvest Radermachera sinica seeds is now available at Evanthia. Check out the ins and outs of this subtropical stunner and be the first to get your hands on our fresh stock.

Radermachera sinica

Radermachera sinica (a.k.a. China doll plant) is a bushy evergreen beauty, native to China and other parts of Asia, where it grows in subtropical mountain areas. In its natural habitat Radermachera grows as a vigorous tree and can reach great lengths. As a houseplant it is more shrub-like and makes an impact with lots of attractive, fresh green leaves, that stay glossy even in the dry air of heated homes. A great addition to any houseplant range! Radermachera is fast-growing, well-branching and creates volume quickly. It’s easy to trim and shape to keep it compact and full. You can offer it in various sizes. Radermachera is a true houseplant favourite and effortlessly retains its well-filled habit and shiny look.


  • Shiny, lush evergreen shrub with lots of deep green leaves
  • Fast-growing and well-branching
  • Houseplant favourite: tolerant to warm, dry air of heated homes


Evanthia offers Radermachera sinica as seeds as well as young plants.


In need of some cultivation guidelines on Radermachera, or could you use some tailor-made advice? Get in touch with our team of product specialists to get the best personalised support or ask for our cultivation manual.