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ON TOUR: Evanthia's Helianthus Trials

Grow Sunflowers? Think Evanthia!
25 October 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

Looking for a reliable source of Helianthus starting material, where you can find it all? An all-inclusive product range, personal service, technical expertise and partnership: that is why you choose Evanthia. Within a very broad Sunflower range, Evanthia offers exciting newcomers within the Helianthus Solano® collection, long-time favourites such as Premier and Sunrich, and a great line-up of extraordinary cut flower specialties. We even have a very successful potted sunflower series for home and garden: Helianthus Sunsation®, developed by our own breeding department.


As a specialist in Helianthus, we want to give you plenty of options, provide you with the best support and make things easy for you. For cut flowers Evanthia presents a great, hand-picked preselection with the Solano® collection. We are actively working on solutions for all growing conditions and enough options to cover an almost year-round supply.

Helianthus Trials

Today we let you tag along with Jos and Leo, to check out our Helianthus Trials. They will show you the highlights of our Solano® collection and let you have a peek at their notes. So take out your sunglasses and prepare for abundant sunny colours.

Something special for you

Evanthia offers a wide range of high quality, main stream Sunflowers: your essential basics in Helianthus. But, as you can expect from us, Evanthia offers more! Discover the many specialties within our Helianthus range, from small to large, with strikingly different colours or even a totally different look.

Solano® Deep Orange – Looking for BIG? Solano® Deep Orange is your best choice. Well-filled, super-sized flowers with several layers of pointy petals in an intense orange shade. This variety is less sensitive to daylength variations and easy to schedule.

Solano® Gold – Can it get any more radiant? This golden yellow variety with fresh green centre is a true eyecather. Solano® Gold has a short harvest window and is a winner for large sales action.

Solano® Flame –  This strong, dark bicolour is truly something different. Grow them in spring and summer for a heated summer and colourful autumn harvest.

Solano® Double – Solano® also comes in a fully double variant. Its pompon-like, fluffy flowers are so cuddly! Great about Solano Double®: thanks to its short crop time, you can easily grow this specialty alongside regular varieties.

Tanja – This stunning hybrid has smaller, orange flowers with dark, pollenfree discs. Tanja produces lateral branches, so you can harvest several stems per plant, from spring to autumn.

ProCut® White Nite – Wanno go blonde? Meet the trendy ProCut® White Nite! A high-demand, remarkle variety to stir up your Helianthus range.

Sunfill™ Green – “Wow, what happened here?” you might ask… “Is this even a Sunflower?” Yes! It definitely is. Sunfill™ Green produces extraordinary, geometric flowers. The pollenfree flowers look a bit like they are turned reversed, as if you are looking at the beautiful backside of a sunflower. A great variety for creative flower arrangers! Also available in purple.


This is just a small selection to give you an impression of our possibilities. Check out our website for an overview of our full Helianthus cut flower range.

Sunny Solano®

With Solano® Evanthia offers you a stunning collection with high standards. It’s a selection of uniform Helianthus F1 varieties, with great flowering power and robust unbranched stems. Thanks to the tall (100 to 180 cm) stems and the small top leaves, Solano® is easy to harvest and process. The long-lasting, pollen free flowers are remarkably well-filled and draw attention with their radiant colours. The varieties within the Solano® collection cover different harvest periods to assure the market of constant quality and availability. – Let’s see what happens when you treat people to a Solano® sunflower.

Meet you at the sunny side!

Excited to grow a new, long season of Sunflowers?! Get advice from our team of experts on selecting the Helianthus range that fits you business and location best. Get invited for our next Helianthus Trials. Pick our brains on cultivation challenges and let’s plan your production schedule into detail together. Our team is here for you.