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ON TOUR: Four seasons of Snapdragons

Discover your year-round options with Evanthia
1 February 2022 - 's-Gravenzande & Heemskerk, the Netherlands

Antirrhinum majus F1, Snapdragons, Dragon flowers, Snaps… Evanthia is your one-stop shop for F1 Snapdragons. Our range covers all seasonal groups with a wide, vibrant line-up of colours. Combine, plan and produce, and you will experience the abundant flowering and top quality flower stems all year round. Let our team help you in composing a seamless, year-round production programme.

Year-round planning for Snapdragons

There you have it: a solid year-round programme with Snapdragons of Evanthia! Seven fantastic, high quality Snapdragon series woven into one fluent planning for a stable supply in all four seasons. From the chilly, energy-saving Animation I to the heat-resistant Orleans IV, we have all you need to be successful with Snapdragons. This particular planning is generically based on North European climate conditions. Our team is all set and ready to work with you to mix & match and tweak this planning, for it to be the perfect solution for your specific region, climate and type of business.


Mark your calender

Around mid June our indoor and outdoor Snapdragon trials will be flowering again in the Netherlands. Our trials include all varieties of all seasonal groups, giving you a clear and complete overview of early and late varieties. During this time you are most welcome to come over for a private tour. Our crop advisors and sales managers will be guiding you along the seven series and give you a sneak peak on what will come next! Do you have a specific date and time in mind to visit us? Please make your itinerary known and our team with be there to welcome you personally.


Meanwhile, curious about what to expect? Check out an overview of our 2021 Antirrhinum Trials.


Antirrhinum Trials 2021

Personal assistance & tailor-made advice

A wide range of products, optimised starting material, extensive trials and knowledge sharing, a team of crop advisors and sales managers, cultivation manuals, customer support… With our full service concept, Evanthia strives to be your partner for the long run. We believe in working together with all parties in the floriculture chain and strengthen eachother. We are excited to be laying the foundation together with you, from seed to success.

Our team is here for you