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ON TOUR: Tanacetum from greenhouse to vase

8 January 2022 - Bleiswijk, the Netherlands

The perfect choice for field bouquets, a cheerful filler flower and a lush touch for trendy arrangements… Let’s talk Tanacetum! Versatile, flirty and full of joy. Tanacetum – a.k.a Matricaria or Feverfew – offers many options.


Today we team up with Dutch floral designer Pim van den Akker, to take a closer look at this marvellous cut flower. Together we take a trip from greenhouse to vase. Take a peek in the greenhouse of a leading grower of Tanacetum, discover Evanthia’s latest additions and check out Pim’s creative outburst with Tanacetum as a focal flower. Join us On Tour!

Laser-sharp focus and uniformity

Evanthia offers a broad range of Tanacetum, covering various colours and flower types (single, semi-double and full double flowers). Our active breeding programme for this product group focusses strongly on uniformity. This has resulted in several very successful varieties, like the renowned Baya®, and exciting newcomers with outstanding characteristics.


Pim takes us along for a visit to Dutch Tanacetum grower Van Egmond Matricatria. Co-owner Job van Egmond lets you in on his view on Tanacetum, his focus points as a grower, the growing process from seedling to flower and the challenges while growing Tanacetum.

All new!

This season Evanthia adds three new Tanacetum varieties to its range. All three feature star qualities in order to make the cut: laser-sharp uniformity, a short cultivation time, great branching, rich flowering and consistent quality throughout the year.


  • Tanacetum Rio: radiant white, semi-circular flowers and relatively tall stems
  • Tanacetum Orinoco: Creamy white, semi-double Tanacetum with firm and slender stems and masses of flowers
  • Tanacetum Lima: Robust, finely-built stems with many semi-circular white flowers

Time to get creative with Tanacetum

Pim van den Akker is floral designer and creative director of Flower Factor. He shows us how to model an awesome flower arrangement with different Tanacetum varieties. Tanacetum’s bright colours and bouncy blooms, in a base composed of natural materials, create the ultimate springtime vibe.

Team up with Evanthia

Excited to fill your greenhouse with some new Tanacetum varieties?! In need of technical advice from our crop specialists? Evanthia is here to help you. Together we lay the foundation for your new crop, from seed to success! For more information about our Tanacetum range, cultivation manuals or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.