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Press release: Evanthia announces broad trials of Antirrhinum and Matthiola

6 June 2024 - G. v.d. Beukel, Monster
Press release: Evanthia announces broad trials of Antirrhinum and Matthiola

Westland breeding company Evanthia will have two broad trials of the Antirrhinum and Matthiola crop groups in bloom in mid-June. Showcasing a wide range of both crops, these trials provide valuable insights into the cultivation and performance of two of Evanthia’s focus products. They provide an opportunity to see some experimental varieties and the current commercial range. The trials will take place at Kwekerij G. v.d. Beukel in Monster (NL), with a meeting on 12 June.

For Antirrhinum, with group classifications based on planting and harvest period, the trials are a great opportunity to get a complete picture of different features of each of these groups. By the end of 2023, Evanthia updated and reclassified the Antirrhinum range to delineate the groups more clearly, making it even easier for growers to produce high-quality snapdragons on a planned basis throughout the year. The trial, presented entirely in this new layout, shows not only the well-known Antibes I, Avignon II, Cannes II-III, Orleans III-IV, but also the new series Toulon IV.


In addition, with the recent launch of the Matthiola StoX® series and several experimentals in the trial, Evanthia demonstrates to lead a very active and innovative breeding programme for stocks. StoX®, included in the trial alongside 4 other series, is a breeding breakthrough combining the robust traits of the Japanese type Matthiola with the selectability on 100% double flowers of European Matthiola.

Peter van Noort, Product Manager Evanthia, says: ‘Both Antirrhinum and Matthiola are low-energy crops, which can be grown with low-level lighting and temperature. An excellent choice for growers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, while being able to produce high-quality flowers. It is a conscious decision by Evanthia to focus on more sustainable crops, to work with growers to focus on a thriving future.’


On 12 June between 14:00 and 17:00, Evanthia is welcoming industry professionals at G. v.d. Beukel in Monster to jointly explore the potential of Antirrhinum and Matthiola. Visits will take place by appointment only. Interested parties wishing to make an appointment should contact Peter van Noort | p.vnoort@evanthia.nl.