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Start growing Strelitzia

Made easy with Evanthia's seeds and young plants
22 February 2024 - 's-Gravenzande, NL
Start growing Strelitzia

Strelitzia, a.k.a. Bird of Paradise, is a popular subtropical foliage plant, well-known for its exotic large, upright, banana-like leaves and extraordinary flowers. It makes for a great houseplant and can be used outdoors during warmer periods as well. At Evanthia we offer three different Strelitzia varieties: S. reginae, S. Mandela’s Gold and S. nicolai.


For Strelitzia, Evanthia offers various options in starting material. We make growing Strelitzia super easy and successful, with our pre-treated seeds and young plants – available all year round. Grasp this great opportunity, order today and start growing these wonderful Birds of Paradise.

A great start with Strelitzia seeds

Anyone who has ever grown Strelitzia knows it can be quite challenging. Evanthia has tons of experience and is happy to do the inital work for you. As Strelitzia seed germination can be tricky, we’ve been offering Strelitzia young plants for a quick and easy start. For some regions, however, ordering young plants is difficult or impossible because of import restrictions. To get you started in the best way possible, we can now offer you Strelitzia seeds that are pre-treated, scarified and processed for an easier, more uniform, and more successful germination. Ask our team for more information about our seed processing and Evanthia’s Strelitzia specialism.



See the difference in germination!

After ordering Strelitzia young plants, it usually the it takes about 14 to 20 weeks for the young plants to be ready to be shipped to you. Register to receive our stock list to keep an eye on availability on even shorter notice, as we regularly have high quality young plants of Strelitzia ready for you in our greenhouse, for immediate production. Contact our team to order and ask them for the Strelitzia cultivation manual if you need one.

Stunning Birds of Paradise

Majestic, grand and impressive… this applies to all three Bird of Paradise varieties offered by Evanthia. But what exactly is the difference between the Strelitzia varieties? Let’s compare!


Strelitzia reginae: Most well-known variety, widely used for pots and cut flower culture. Strelitzia reginae grows vibrant orange and blue flowers among its fresh green leaves. Commonly known as Queens Bird of Paradise.


Strelitzia nicolai: The leaves of S. nicolai are fewer but larger than the more commonly known S. reginae. They stand up tall and more straight too. S. nicolai grows striking blue and white flowers, nestled within its greyish/green leaves. Because of its height, Strelitzia nicolai is commonly known as Giant Bird of Paradise.


Strelitzia reginae Mandela’s Gold: You can always count on Evanthia to have rare varieties available, that make you stand out form the rest. Strelitzia Mandela’s Gold is one of those varieties you don’t come across often. It is distinguished by its extraordinary golden-yellow flowers and also known as Kirstenbosch Gold. It’s strong growth habit and outstanding leaf colour can be compared to the regular S. reginae.