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The cold is in the air again – time for Brassica Empire

23 March 2021 - Monster, the Netherlands

Evanthia’s Brassica Empire series is the latest generation of ornamental cabbages, which has made a name for itself at quite a rapid pace. At present Brassica Empire is valued in the chain and there is even an active demand for Empire from florists. This is not without reason. Extensive breeding efforts have resulted in a Brassica series with a great appearance, long sturdy stems and a more robust leaf structure. In addition, Empire has a better disease resistance and a strong reduction of the typical Brassica odor. After the harvest, the vase life of the Empire series is above average.

Now that the cold is in the air again and the colours of our Brassicas become even more intense, we are happy to share the latest news, test results and market developments within this special product group.

A flyby over the Brassica trial fields of Evanthia

The air above the extensive Brassica trial fields in Gameren (Gld) is cool and crisp. It is still early in the morning, when Marvin Grootendorst (Account Manager) and Peter van Noort (Manager Genetics) enter the flower beds. The first rays of warming sunlight add a magical glow to the colourful Brassica field. Beautiful images that we would like to share with you, especially now! Fly with us over the trial fields at low altitude and discover from a bird’s eye view the novelties, commercial highlights and exclusive varieties in Evanthia’s Brassica range.

More return for the grower with Brassica Empire

One of the most significant principles of Evanthia is helping the grower in achieving a strong market positioning. This is reflected in every aspect of our business operations. Also our team of breeders has clearly taken this aspect into account in the development of the Brassica Empire series. With a high uniformity level and an ideal stem length, growers can count on an efficient harvest and a higher average percentage of harvestable product with Brassica Empire.

Not only the growers are aware of the strength of the product range. Brassica Empire is also appreciated by retailers. This is shown by the Royal FloraHolland figures for 2020. Looking at the average price paid for the Brassica Empire varieties in the period from August to December, compared to the other Brassica varieties, a positive trend was seen in favour of Empire. For growers who have Empire in their range, these varieties delivered a good result, in an otherwise difficult year.

Brassica Empire in the news

Recently, Peter van Noort was interviewed by Geert Peeters, editor of Floral Daily. They discussed the latest developments in breeding and marketing of Brassica. In case you missed it, you can read the Floral Daily interview here.

Marvin Grootendorst & Peter van Noort

Inspiration and experience with Brassica from Evanthia

Evanthia anticipates, also further up the chain. Now that florists and flower arrangers are actively asking for Brassica Empire by name, it is time for some “out-of-the-box” inspiration and a deeper introduction on variety level.


Be amazed by a dazzling assortment of different colours and shapes. With flat, wavy, fringed or serrated leaves, these cool cabbages instantly attract attention and add character and structure to bouquets and arrangements. The earthy colour combinations – of white, ivory, farm green, vintage pink, reddish purple, grey and even black – fit in seamlessly with the latest trends.


Evanthia is building solid partnerships with growers, retailers and florists worldwide, in order to continue to learn and develop together, and to create excellent market positions for all parties involved.


Would you like to know more about the opportunities with Brassica Empire, the Brassica trial results, or about cooperating with Evanthia? Please, do not hesitate to contact our team.