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Year-round Antirrhinum

14 November 2023 -
Year-round Antirrhinum

Elegant, stylish and timeless… Snapdragon, Antirrhinum majus F1, is a magnificent flower, suitable for every occasion and every season. The broad spectrum is ideal for endless variation and playing with colours. From greenhouse to vase, it is a much-loved and rewarding product. Evanthia works with all links in the chain to create close partnerships with growers, traders and retailers, to be successful in year-round Antirrhinum together.


What to expect when you grow Snapdragons of Evanthia:


  • The best genetics for a year-round programme with Antirrhinum
  • A reliable partner of high quality starting material
  • Insight in our extensive Antirrhinum trials
  • Tailored advice and cultivation support

A strong year-round programme

Day length, light intensity and temperature influence the growth and flowering of Antirrhinum. Each season and each cultivation location requires customisation. Evanthia’s broad product range offers solutions and flexibility for every situation. Our powerful Antirrhinum series can be divided into 4 groups. Each group has the right characteristics to offer top quality and a high production level in a specific period of the year. By combining our series, growers worldwide can produce an excellent, seamless year-round supply.

Please note: We recently updated and rearranged our Antirrhinum collection, to define the groups more clearly to make it even easier to plan and produce Antirrhinum all year round.


  • Antirrhinum Antibes I: Ideal for energy-efficient cultivation in cool periods with low light intensity. Can be planted in the greenhouse in late summer and in winter. Abundant flowering and top quality flower stems from mid autumn to mid spring. A wide range of colours and a high level of uniformity in plant habit and flowering time.
  • Antirrhinum Avignon II: Developed to perform under average light intensity and cool to moderate temperatures. A typical group II series for the less extreme seasons. Plant towards the end of summer and throughout the winter period until early spring for high production and top quality flower stems in autumn and spring. Can be grown both in greenhouses and outdoors.
  • Antirrhinum Cannes II-III: Performs at top level when temperatures and light intensity rise and reach their peak. By planting this series towards the end of winter into summer, the abundant flowering and top quality flower stems already start mid spring and last until mid summer.
  • Antirrhinum Orleans III-IV: Has a short cultivation period; about 8 to 12 weeks from planting. Plant from early spring until early summer, for abundant flowering and top quality flower stems from the end of spring to the end of summer
  • Antirrhinum Toulon IV: Best choice for cultivation under higher temperatures and high light intensity. Plant from early spring until early summer, for abundant flowering and top quality flower stems all summer long until early autumn.Let our team help you finetune your programme, tailored to your regional climate conditions.
Year-round planning Antirrhinum for North European climate conditions
Year-round planning Antirrhinum for North European climate conditions

Extensive Snapdragon trials

As a specialist in Antirrhinum, Evanthia values extensive flowering trials and sharing knowledge with our partners in the floriculture supply chain. To compare varieties, test new varieties and give everyone the opportunity to discover the latest results of our breeding, Each year Evanthia organises extensive Antirrhinum fiels and greenhouse trials. From springtime our entire Antirrhinum assortment will be blooming. Keep an eye on our website of register for our newsletters to be the first to be informed about our trials.

Extensive Snapdragon trials

A good start

With Evanthia, you can get high-quality starting material, produced under excellent conditions, mainly in the Netherlands. We also take care of seed optimisation ourselves. Antirrhinum seeds are offered raw or pelleted upon request. Our team ensures that stocks are maintained and that seeds are delivered quickly all year round. Would you like to order a trial batch? That’s no problem either. Just ask our sales department. We are happy to be of service. That is also the strength of Evanthia.

A good start

Personal advice and cultivation support

Short lines and personal contact, that is what service at Evanthia stands for. Whether you need assortment advice, commercial issues, special requests or intensive cultivation support, with us service still has a familiar face. Would you like to know more about the possibilities with Antirrhinum, the results from our trials, or collaboration with Evanthia? Get in touch with our team.