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Discover our wide range of annual, biennial and perennial pot and bedding plants.

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Laying the foundation together

At Evanthia you will find ground-breaking varieties from our own breeding along with top series from other breeders. We are constantly developing and always aim to improve. Sustainability in the long term is important to us – not only in our breeding but also in the way we work with our customers and partners. The success of our Helianthus Sunsation® is the perfect illustration of how we work in a partnership. A genuine, close-knit partnership in which we explore opportunities and create added value together.

From seed to pot

Evanthia is here to help you. We discuss your needs with you and give you tailored advice. We can help you choose your range, but we also let you explore the options yourself. Why not drop by our greenhouses or visit one of our variety trials? Together we lay the foundation for your new crop!

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New in pot and bedding plants

Sunsation® Compact

Sunsation® Compact answers to the worldwide demand for products that can be grown PGR free. Helianthus Sunsation® Compact has a true genetic compactness. With this selection growers can grow their potted sunflowers in a more balanced, stress-free way: without PGR, dry cycles or high EC levels to keep plants compact. Regular watering and an EC of 1.2 is sufficient. With the Compact series, crop time reduces with 5 to 7 days and leaves remain healthy, smooth and fresh green.

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