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Excellent genetics, outstanding advice and flexible service. From Antirrhinum to Zinnia, we help you make your new crop a resounding success.

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Laying the foundation together

At Evanthia you’ll find the best varieties from our own breeding along with a selection of top series from breeders all over the world. We offer everything you need to get off to a good start and to help you grow a crop that’s perfect for your unique business – whether you’re looking for a year-round programme or strong seasonal sellers.

Ready for harvesting when your customers want to buy

From seed to harvest

Evanthia is here to help you. We discuss your needs with you and give you tailored advice. We can help you choose your range, but we also let you explore the options yourself. Why not drop by our greenhouses or visit one of our variety trials? Together we lay the foundation for your new crop!

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New in cut flowers

Reprise Rose

Reprise Rose is the latest addition to the Celosia Reprise series. This sparkling, rich pink colour truly enriches your assortment. Reprise is a promising series, developed for the exclusive segment, with more colours to come. The series offers a high level of uniformity, efficiency and top quality flowers from early spring to late autumn.

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Brassica Empire Zaneta

Coming in March 2021…. Looking for a breathtaking Brassica? Brassica Empire Zaneta has a striking appearance, with its trendy earthy tones. Zaneta has grey/pink wavy leaves, sturdy stems and a robust leaf structure. With a short cultivation period, a high level of uniformity and an ideal stem length, Brassica Empire ensures an efficient harvest and a higher average percentage of harvestable product.

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