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Alocasia cucullata

Alocasia cucullata is a radiant, tropical foliage plant, with a compact habit. This evergreen has glossy, bright green, heart-shaped leaves. Due to its compactness A. cucullata makes for a great houseplant. Alocasia is native to the tropical and temperate parts of South East Asia, where it grows as an herbaceous perennial in the shady, humid understorey layers of rainforests. As a houseplant with shiny, large leaves on sturdy stems, Alocasia cucullata is a true eyecatcher. Alocasia cucullata is commonly known as Chinese Taro, Buddha’s hand or Elephant’s Ears. Other internationally used common names for Alocasia cucullata are: Chinese ape; Dwarf elephant’s ear; jian wei yu; boga kachu; mukhi-kochu; panchamukhi kochu. Evanthia has Alocasia cucullata starting material available all year round, as tissue culture young plants. Ask our team for the Alocasia cultivation manual for commercial production. Check out all Alocasias in the Evanthia range.
  • Compact habit
  • Bright green glossy leaves
  • TC young plants with rapid growth

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Alocasia cucullata

Alocasia cucullata
  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Alocasia cucullata
    • Common name:Chinese Taro, Buddha’s hand; Elephant’s Ears; Chinese ape; Dwarf elephant’s ear; jian wei yu; boga kachu; mukhi-kochu; panchamukhi kochu
    • Family:Araceae
    • Product group:Houseplant
    • Product name:Alocasia cucullata
    • Properties:Tropical
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