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Antirrhinum majus F1 Antibes White I

Antirrhinum Antibes White I produces well-filled, bright white flower spikes. With this variety you are assured of a rich supply of high quality snapdragons, in a period when white is one of the most in-demand colours. The Antirrhinum Antibes series delivers top performance in cool growing seasons with low light intensity. Like Animation, Antibes offers opportunities for energy-efficient cultivation in cool greenhouses. Plant Antibes in the greenhouse in late summer and in winter. From mid autumn to mid spring this series offers rich flowering and top quality flower stems. Combine Antibes snapdragons with series like Costa (group I-II), Avignon (group II), Cannes (group III), Costa Summer (group III-IV) and Orleans (IV) for a powerful year-round program.
× 1000 pcs.

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Antirrhinum majus F1 Antibes White I

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Antirrhinum majus F1
    • Common name:Snapdragon
    • Family:Scrophulariaceae / Plantaginaceae
    • Series name:Antibes I
    • Product name:Antirrhinum majus F1 Antibes White I
    • VBN Code:113878
    • Status:Evanthia Genetics
  • Cultivation information
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