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Endless possibilities with green plants: Focus on cool crops

13 February 2023 - 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands

With a broad range, there are more opportunities to be flexible or shift focus when challenges or chances arise. It gives you more flexibility in changing times. Our range of Tropical Plants is incredibly extensive and consists of a wide variety of products from all corners of the world. Even if you are looking for products that are not on our website or assortment list, that does not mean that we cannot deliver them. With our rock-solid international sourcing network, we can go in many directions.


Today we are focusing on cool crops. Within our range of Tropical Plants you will find surprising products that can be grown under cooler conditions, up to 16°C degrees. Interesting from a cost-saving point of view, of course, but also one-by-one robust top performers that customers appreciate.  

Our team is happy to help you put together a collection that fits well with your specific business and client base. Together we will look for combinations of products that are easy to grow together or that complement each other in an irresistible year-round offer. Of course we take into account the climate in your region and the cultivation facilities at your disposal.

Our cool crops at a glance

Both Araucaria (House pine) and Grevillea give you a wonderful winter feeling, don’t they?! While Araucaria is a true conifer, Grevillea (Silver Oak) belongs to the deciduous trees. Both are easy to grow at 12 to 16°C into beautiful houseplants. Billbergia Tears of Joy is a strong, frost-resistant garden plant with particularly beautiful blooms. This cool topper is available in Europe exclusively through Evanthia. Our Cordyline collection consists of a wide color spectrum. Cordyline is frost resistant and ideal for patio containers, gardens and landscaping. Eucalyptus and Fatsia are also excellent for growing in cool conditions and we have many beautiful varieties in our range. Of our Banana plants, it is particularly the Ensete Maurelii, Musa lasiocarpa and Musa basjoo that do well in the cool greenhouse. Ever considered Yucca? Take a closer look at these robust, hardy palm lilies!


Request our cultivation manuals for more information or talk to our team members. We are happy to help.