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Evanthia - your Philodendron specialist

Fresh seeds and young plants now directly available!
20 February 2024 - 's-Gravenzande, NL
Evanthia - your Philodendron specialist

Breaking news

We have a large quantity of Philodendron selloum seeds available. Aside from that we now have available from our greenhouse: TC young plants of Philodendron hastatum Grey, Philodendron Florida Beauty Green, Philodendron gloriosum, Philodendron minima en  Philodendron Narrow.  Contact our team to order today.

Philodendrons are true tropical beauties with many different appearances, sizes, shapes and colours. Our Philodendron range contains climbing varieties, with long woody aerial stems and highly decorative leaves and non-climbing varieties with a bushy, upright habit. They make for stylish, low-maintenance houseplants with great air-purifying qualities.


Evanthia has a broad range of Philodendron varieties available as seeds and young plants from seed or tissue culture. In need of cultivation advice? No problem! We have a Philodendron cultivation manual available upon request and our crop specialists are ready to answer all questions you might have.

Philodendron selloum

For the love of leaves

The variety of Philodendrons is so wide, you sometimes might wonder if they are even family… There are curly leaves, patterned leaves, leaves with notches, serrated edges, leaves with unexpected colours…. you name it. Which one’s did you grow already and what were your experiences? We would love to know and grow with you.

Let's grow some awesome Philos!

Evanthia is your Philodendron specialist. Our product range is ever evolving and we offer the best cultivation support, tailored to your needs. Looking for a specific variety that is not mentioned on our website? This doesn’t mean we can not get our hands on them too! We have strong worldwide connections for plant sourcing and we are happy to team up with you to create your own unique product range.