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Viva Magenta! Inspired by nature

Pantone Color of the Year 2023 in our flowers and plants
24 January 2023 - Monster, the Netherlands

This time, colour institute Pantone has chosen a very powerful colour as its Color of the Year. For 2023, Viva Magenta is the trend-setting hue that will set the mood! This pulsating colour that radiates liveliness, optimism and joy is inspired by nature and the world around us. Evanthia’s extensive range of cut flowers and tropical plants includes many beautiful products that go well with this new trend colour.


Get inspired monthly by the new Viva Magenta flowers and plants that we put in the spotlight. 

Antirrhinum Costa Summer Velvet III-IV is the ultimate match with Viva Magenta – a rich, velvety purple/red flower with extra theatrical effect!
Antirrhinum Costa Summer has the same uniform growth and high quality as the Costa snapdragon series (group II), but this “Summer edition” performs at top level when temperatures and light intensity rise and reach their peak. With Costa Summer the summer seems to last forever. By planting this series towards the end of winter into summer, the abundant flowering and top quality flower stems already start at the end of spring and last until the beginning of autumn. Extend your cultivation into a year-round programme by combining Costa Summer with series such as Animation of Antibes (both group I).