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Viva Magenta! Inspired by nature

Pantone Color of the Year 2023 in our flowers and plants
21 September 2023 - Monster, the Netherlands

This time, colour institute Pantone has chosen a very powerful colour as its Color of the Year. For 2023, Viva Magenta is the trend-setting hue that will set the mood! This pulsating colour that radiates liveliness, optimism and joy is inspired by nature and the world around us. Evanthia’s extensive range of cut flowers and tropical plants includes many beautiful products that go well with this new trend colour.


Get inspired monthly by the new Viva Magenta flowers and plants that we put in the spotlight. 

Amaranthus caudatus Red displays a brilliant fusion of earthly red/crimson and purple, making it easy to blend in with the Viva Magenta trend. With an extraordinary, curious texture and pendulous flowers, Amaranthus caudatus Red can be used in so many creative ways! Its long, velvet flowers are super soft and cuddly, and excellent for bouquets or woven into floral arrangements.


Amaranthus is a well-known favourite of gardeners and florists alike. The long-lasting, elegant tassels serve as focal points in both classic and modern landscapes. Additionally, they are often dried and used in decorative wreaths, creating a timeless, rustic charm. Amaranthus is fairly easy to grow and flowering during summer months and well into autumn.

Within the Celosia range, we have previously highlighted several varieties that match Viva Magenta extremely well! Celosia Captain Carmine is another beautiful one! Fluffy, cuddly and with an vibrant shade to complement. Where the vast majority of varieties within our range form a fan-shaped flower, the Celosia Captain series is loved for its own unusual shape.


Celosia Captain Carmine is the intense red/purple variety from the Celosia Captain series. An imperial colour that exudes luxury. Beauty & Brains, the Celosia Captain series has both! The large round spheres of Celosia Captain resemble the structure of a brain, and a very beautiful one we might add! In addition, the Captain series guarantees high quality.

Wow! See how timeless Viva Magenta really is, when you see this gorgeous colour reflected in our Matthiola StoX® Antique Rose. The colour combination of pink/purple and soft yellow, gives this stock its fresh appearance.


Matthiola StoX® is Evanthia’s latest Matthiola series and a real breakthrough in Matthiola breeding. Selection of double-flowered plants at the seedling stage is one of the main goals of our breeding programme. We succeeded in developing a robust Matthiola series with woody stems that can be easily selected for double flowers after cold treatment, resulting in an excellent series with 100% double flowers. With this new series, we truly combine the best of both worlds: the robust and durable characteristics of Japanese types and the selectability of European types.

…and speaking of trends….: totally HOT and here to stay are natural field bouquets! Lush, airy tied with height differences, surprising textures and all kinds of earthy colours. Nigella really is one of those items you can’t take your eyes off, especially when it also wears the beautiful Viva Magenta! colour.


The flowers of Nigella Albion, or Love-in-a-mist, give way to decorative balloon-shaped seed pods with natural shades. Besides the Black Pods, which have a deep purple-reddish colour, Albion is also available in Green Pods, with a fresh green colour. The strong stems have fern-like leaves and are easy to work with when making fresh and dried bouquets. Excellent to combine with other cottage garden / pick-your-own items from our wide range of seasonal flowers from seed.

A hit in Viva Magenta! Celosia Unlimited Pink impresses, and not only thanks to this beautiful colour. The flower combs of Celosia Unlimited Pink have a span of up to 20 cm and a beautiful voluminous shape. This speciality celosia is a valuable addition to an exclusive assortment and the perfect eye-catcher in large arrangements. The big flowers are carried effortlessly by robust stems.


Unlimited Pink is planted in the greenhouse from mid-spring to late summer, for a harvest period from late spring to late autumn. With a cultivation period of 12 to 16 weeks, Unlimited Pink runs well in a cultivation programme along with the large-flowered Turbo series and with Unlimited Coral. In the Netherlands, Unlimited Pink is grown by several growers of Crazy about Celosia.

Of course, the new Pantone Viva Magenta! is also a great shade to colour the outdoors with. Cordyline Salsa is your plant of choice! Salsa is frost-resistant and stays low with multiple growing points. The leaves have a strong red/purple colour that intensifies as the leaves age and have a tough, leathery texture.


Cordyline australis is resistant to dry and cold conditions and does well in patio pots and gardens. Besides Salsa, our Cordyline collection has other red/purple varieties that fit well within the Pantone trend spectrum. How about Cordyline Festival Burgundy, Cordyline Pink Passion or Cordyline Can Can! Discover all the varieties and delight your customers with a colourful mix of appealing colours.

At Evanthia, we are absolutely Crazy about Celosias and together with our Dutch growers we started the Crazy about Celosia initiative to make everyone familiar with these bizarre flowers. Sometimes our breeders get really crazy, like with the development of Purple Jack….


Celosia Purple Jack is a totally new appearance within Celosia cristata. Jack’s have an elegant, fringed cock’s comb and many colourful flowers along the stem. Thanks to the well-filled stem, the beloved Celosia cristata becomes a true voluminous bouquet booster and is ideal for playful field bouquets. Purple Jack is excellent to combine with Red Jack and Scarlet Jack, which also have this new appearance and add even more depth to the Pantone Viva Magenta spectrum.

Celosia Act Dara is an exotic beauty with shiny, elegant flower combs in a beautiful velvet hue, which blends beautifully with Viva Magenta!


The Act series is leading within the Celosia argentea cristata product group. It offers the grower a high level of uniformity in plant development. The uniformity in cultivation speed of the varieties is unprecedented.


In addition, the series offers a powerful colour spectrum, wide full flower combs and tall, sturdy unbranched stems. Act is praised for its excellent vase life and is a real eye-catcher in creative flower arrangements.

Calathea lancifolia shows off Viva Magenta in a most mysterious way


As a typical Calathea, Calathea lancifolia earns the nickname ‘living plant’ or ‘prayer plant’ because it closes or lifts its leaves at night and uncurls or lowers them again in the morning. The slender, slightly wavy leaves of C. lancifolia have a fresh green colour with dark green blotches on the top and on the underside… the deep purple/red Viva Magenta hue! A great colour effect, thanks to the special nocturnal movements these plants make.

Besides Calathea lancifolia, several varieties from our Calathea range have colour-contrasting leaf edges, unusual patterns and leaf shapes.

Antirrhinum Costa Summer Velvet III-IV is the ultimate match with Viva Magenta – a rich, velvety purple/red flower with extra theatrical effect!


Costa Summer is our snapdragon series, with the same uniform growth and high quality as the Costa series (group II), which is at its best when temperatures and light intensity go up and reach their peak. With Costa Summer, summer seems to last extra long. In fact, by planting this series towards the end of winter into summer, the exuberant flowering and heavy quality flower stems start as early as late spring and last until early autumn. Extend your crop into a year-round programme by combining Costa Summer with Costa II and series such as Animation or Antibes (both group I).