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Monstera deliciosa 'Tauerii'

Monstera deliciosa Tauerii is a stunning, tropical foliage plant, with large, heart-shaped leaves with lots of perforations. Tauerii is a dwarf-type Monstera and particularly develops its leaf perforations early. This plant tends to set earlier than other Monsteras. Monstera deliciosa is native to South and Central American, where it grows as an evergreen perennial vine in tropical rainforests. They use their aerial roots and climbing habit to make their way up along surrounding trees, through the canopy to reach the daylight. Monstera deliciosa Tauerii is well-suited as a decorative houseplant and for cut foliage production. Monstera deliciosa Tauerii is commonly known as Swiss cheese plant. Other internationally used common names for Monstera deliciosa are: Ceriman, Spilt-leaf Philodendron; Mexican breadfruit; Mother-in-law’s tongue; Cheese plant, Cut-leaf philodendron, Fruit salad plant; Monstera, Taro vine, Tarovine, Window leaf; Calchito; Ceriman de Mexico; Hoja picada; Banana-da-Macao; Inebe; Kletter- Fensterblatt. Evanthia has Monstera deliciosa Tauerii starting material available all year round, as seed and young plants from seed. Ask our team for the Monstera cultivation manual for commercial production.

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Monstera deliciosa 'Tauerii'

  • Properties
    • Botanical name:Monstera deliciosa
    • Common name:Swiss Cheese Plant; Split-Leaf Philodendron; Ceriman; Mexican breadfruit; Mother-in-law’s tongue; Cheese plant; Cut-leaf philodendron; Fruit salad plant; Monstera; Taro vine; Tarovine; Window leaf; Calchito; Ceriman de Mexico; Hoja picada; Banana-da-Macao; Inebe; Kletter- Fensterblatt
    • Family:Araceae
    • Product group:Houseplant, Cut foliage
    • Product name:Monstera deliciosa 'Tauerii'
    • Properties:Tropical
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